A journey of a thousand miles begins...


We are thrilled that you are taking that first step in learning about community birth.  Whether you are interested in a birth center or home birth, community (out of hospital) birth is a safe and conscientious choice for Central Coast Families.

As midwives, our philosophy is rooted in the idea that birth is a normal, natural physiologic process.  We are champions of trusting the innate wisdom of the body to birth a baby naturally and safely.  We also subscribe to the idea of the “Modern Midwife” where careful screening and due diligence results in improved outcomes.


As part of your first steps, we recommend watching the Netflix documentary “The Business of Being Born”.  It explores common birth practices in the US and the value of midwifery care in the safety of mother and baby.  There are also many good books to begin with by Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin and the Dr. Sears series.


We offer free consultations to discuss the specifics of midwifery care, including schedule of visits, lab testing, ultrasounds, and how we manage complications.  We are excited to share our Centering Pregnancy model of care.  Our clients enjoy the benefits of individualized care, combined with group care in a setting with others due at the same time.  The group classes are led by guest educators from our community.  These classes include Body in Balance, Nourishing Foods for Pregnancy and Labor, Positive Pregnancy, Baby Basics and Breastfeeding.  


 While our services are not covered directly by insurance, most private plans will reimburse a portion of the care after the baby is born.  Our clients make monthly payments, with the average payment being approximately $500.  Please feel free to call us to discuss the specifics regarding fees and insurance.  While we hope to become part of the State subsidized health insurance program in the future, we are not currently able to accept MediCal.